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We are consummate professionals and have over 9 years experience

in the late night music industry.


Vibes Disco provides professional mobile disco's & karaoke at an

affordable price.

Whatever the occasion Wedding, Birthday Party, Presentation

evening or Corporate Function.


You only pay what has been quoted there are no hidden costs.


We have over 5,000 Music Videos, 80,000 tracks and over

10,000 karaoke tracks covering the current charts, Pop, 60's, 70's,

80's, 90's, 00's, House, Disco, Motown, Soul, Cheese, Rock, Indie,

Dance, RnB & Hip Hop.


We have a professional sound and lighting setup with various effects that make the party atmosphere amazing, All of our equipment is fully PAT tested and we have a £10million Public Liability insurance policy.


All of our events are flexible, We tailor them to suit your needs.


Some of our clients wish to provide the entire playlist for an event whilst others decide to give us a few of their favorite tracks and we build a playlist around that.


We brand ourselves as the new breed of mobile disco's & karaoke as we have taken an active step back from the cliché cheesy mobile disco that you may be accustomed to.


We are modern, fresh and love what we do and we are 100% confident that you'll love it too!



It's your party, so surely it should be your music?



Can other disco's do this:


1. Give you complete control over the music they play?


2. Ask you what styles of music you like?


3. Offer to get particularly obscure or rare tracks for your party?


4. Take guests requests prior to the party?


In fact, can any other disco offer you complete control over your music for your party. When you need a bespoke service with your choice of music, you need us!


Music Database

Where there are tracks not on our database which you would like us to play, we will always source them for you - but we probably already have them!

We have now move completely over to digital music. This can only mean a better service for you!


Not only can we download all the music YOU want, but we can do that on the night at your function! We can now access the internet either via your venue's wireless link, or through our very own 3G mobile broadband*. So in the highly unlikely event that we don't have what your guest wants, we will do out best to get it there and then!


Because we use laptops, it also means requests are much easier. No more fumbling through huge boxes of CD's - we simply type in the artist or track and can tell you if we have it straight away!


We're Digital!


* Please note that out instant download service is only available where a venue internet connection is available or within a 3G mobile phone signal area. Please check if this service is available at your venue.

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